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Effects of Training on a Dogs' Brain

  • Your dog becomes physically addicted to following your commands
  • Training stimulates Oxytocin, a pleasure chemical
  • Makes your dog want to please you and repeat positive behaviors
  • Improves your dog's ability to read body language
  • Dog feels more confident at home and in public
  • Dog associates you with happiness
  • Your dog becomes less anxious, more social and an over all happier pet.

Dog Training Programs in Tampa Area


  • Dog Training in Your Home: You and your pet will learn together in your home.  In just a matter of minutes, our trainer can have your dog under control and listening/obeying commands.  Most of our time and work is with you, the owner to understand why your dog is acting the way he/she is and how to address it.  What command words to use and at what time to use them.  We offer dog training, puppy training, and obedience training in Tampa  and surrounding areas.

  • Puppy Training Program: Includes housebreaking within 1-2 weeks, teaching puppy right from wrong, addressing common puppy behaviors: biting, chewing, jumping, digging, etc beginning as young as 8 weeks and introducing basic commands.

  • Basic Dog Obedience Training Program: Your dog will learn common commands such as "sit, stay, heel, down, place" and how to walk on a leash. You, the owner, will also learn how to become the master image.

  • Advanced Dog Obedience Training Program: This program is mainly off leash training using voice control and hand signals and property boundary training. 

  • Protection Dog Training Program:for Home or Office- No "Bite Work"  This program trains the dog how to turn on/off aggressive behavior on command.

  • Problem Solving:  Is your dog jumping? Playfully biting? Getting into the garbage? Eating your furniture? Urinating or defecating in the house although he/she is housebroken?  These issues can be resolved.

  •  Dog Aggression:  We will get to the root of the problem and assist the dog and you, the owner, in achieving a happy, confident, well mannered pet.

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