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Brandi has been part of our Dog-Eze Family since March of 2017.  Before she joined our team she was active Duty in the Air Force and became a Military Working Dog (MWD) handler. She attended MWD school which was about 3 months long, during her training, she learned basic obedience, medical care training and how to train a dog to sniff out drugs and/or explosives.  She continued on as a  military working dog handler and performed many missions with the Secret Service resolving her active duty status in 2016.  Now Brandi continues in the Air Force Reserves.

She has always loved the loyalty and companionship of a dog and how easily they can be taught as well as the challenge of understanding their behavior.  In her spare time, Brandi enjoys spending time with her two current dogs, Caliber (an Austrailian Shepherd) and Kota (a Husky).

Amy is part owner, as well as office manager.  If you call, text, email or message us; you will most likely speak with Amy.  She is knowledgeable in training techniques and behavior and can typically help identify your dog's behavior and help you understand the reasons behind the issue. 

Amy spends her free time with family, volunteering at her church and working with rescue organizations offering free behavior consultations, home checks, fostering dogs and reference checking. 

Dog-Eze Training Specialists

Brett is part owner and our Master Trainer.  He began his career in 1989, spending many months being mentored and gaining knowledge of Dog Training and Obedience as well as studying different dog breeds and behavior. Since then, he has trained thousands of dogs and their owners in the Tampa Bay area. Brett has had the pleasure of training many celebrities and sports figures as well as families of all sizes and ages to become the best dog and owner they can be.  Brett has also worked for Animal Behavior College as a Mentor for graduates from their dog training program.

Brett is a skilled trainer in all areas of dog behavior and an expert in all phases of obedience and protection training. Brett's approach to every dog and owner is to acknowledge each individually in both their ability and personality.  Whether big or small, human or furry companion, dominant or passive; the end result is the same: a happy family and a well behaved dog.  

Brett spends his spare time with family, assisting local dog rescues, bass fishing and coaching his son's Little League Baseball teams.

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